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At Green Concept Investment Group we specialise in  understanding the precise needs of our clients without retrictions to their location. We work with businesses when they are start-up, at their early stage of development and when they are expanding and mature.

Raising capital is an integral part of the business planning process. Boosting working capital, financing equipment, funding expansion or investing in property all require expertise.

Our goal is to ensure that your business is operating efficiently and is in the best position to raise finance to meet your needs.

Our services are Success Fee based, as such our clients do not pay for any service rendered until their businesses or projects receive funding.


Getting Started:

1. Prepare and present a business plan of your project.
2. Prepare and present an executive summary (Corporate persons only).
3. Prepare and present a personal profile ( Independent Entrepreneurs/Individuals only)
4. Complete the Business Funding Request Form.
5. Execute the standard FPA with Green Concept Investment Group; and
You are on your way to deriving funding for your project and business.

Our Products:

i.    Startup Capital
ii.   Angel Business Funding
iii.  Business Recovery Finance
iv.  Management Buy in /Out
v.    Bridge Finance
vi.   Financial Instruments (SBLC/ BG)
vii.  Proof of Funds
viii. Commerce Finance.
ix.    Business Expansion Finance.
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